Edmund W. Amerson


Kayaking is an adventure sport to explore the waters through rivers and seas. It can make you explore places that you cannot reach on foot or by car, especially islands. It is an activity which is popular in Europe among the tourists and is also used for fishing in some cases. Here are the best kayaking destinations that you can try out.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda offers the best kayaking in the morning because of the calm and silent surface. It is a pretty famous spot from July to August when you can enjoy the calmest waters and beautiful green scenery around the lake.

Ardeche, France

Ardeche is one of the best kayaking spots for families during the summer. Due to the faster flow of water, this place also attracts professionals to travel across beautiful beaches and get involved in fishing and swimming activities.

Loire Valley, France

Loire Valley is located in France and offers lots of wonderful lakes for kayaking. It is also famous for its wine yards. In case you do not bring your kayaking equipment there are many shops which supply everything you need. The calm lakes and rivers provide a soothing experience along with the beautiful scenery around the rivers.

Soca Valley, Slovenia

The Soca valley provides a chilled kayaking experience of kayaking around 140km long alpine Soca river. With the 1100 meters elevation, this river also passed through the highest peak of Slovenia – Triglav, which makes it one of the best kayaking place for the lovers of adventure.

Vilamoura, Portugal

Vilamoura is an adventurous place for professional kayakers who mostly arrive at this destination during summer. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the stunning coastline. But it is also a good location for beginners due to relatively calm waters.

Isle of Scilly, UK

The Isle of Schilly welcomes the kayakers with warm and sunny weather to get involved in beautiful and calm kayaking. It is comparatively warmer than the rest of the country and offers beautiful beaches to enough along with the reefs.

Albufeira, Portugal

You can enjoy kayaking in Albufeira, but you can also spend more of your time enjoying beautiful views. For the west coast of Logos has the formation of few natural rocks and caves. You can also rent a kayak from the local stores.



The whole of Croatia offers kayaking destinations because the whole Adriatic coast is ideal to try kayaking. You can comfortably roam around the place and get involved in kayaking anytime you want. You can experience both sea and river kayaking in Croatia at multiple locations on the crystalline waters. From sunrise to sunsets you can enjoy the waters around the country without getting tired.